From a small seed a mighty trunk may grow.

Marcus Aurelius
Roman emperor 121-180

The feeders on the deck are full of bird seed that spills out when the sparrows descend and pick their way through to the good seed. The cardinals, finches, blue jays and tufted titmouse let the sparrows have their way, like a gang for protection money.

I have some starter seed for some thoughts about recent events:

I have a slight stroke, basically called a TIA — transient ischemic attack. My literature that I carried home from the hospital says “an ischemic stroke is the sudden DEATH of brain tissue” (my emphasis), right there on Page 1. I have 15 pages of tips and pointers on occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy; nutrition change, lifestyle changes, and other changes. But there is that sentence.

The doctor tried to get at my stroke in the brain … via my groin … not going there with much …

The doctor attempted to snag the stroke via repeated stabs at the scar. He got most of it. Imagine: Stroke the Dragon is pinholed inside Castle Brain. There are several avenues and channels that reach the dragon, and the doctor tries each way.    

In my visual field — my left eye — I have a wide band of gray cloud over about 20 percent. It’s predominant. I see that image every sight in sigh. If I stare at it for a bit, I can make out lines of distinction. It’s like you drew a circle over and over again. Until it pulls together this blip or cloud. I don’t know if it made a difference, but if I … it’s like scarring the scene or the Dragon battle.

These are my current thoughts as convalesce.

Keep smiling.  

6 thoughts on “Seed”

  1. Tim, this blog is wonderful. I’m so sorry about your recent health struggles and am keeping you in my prayers. Last night, after I read about your near-drowning in Hawaii, I had a thought. You said in that post that you remain agnostic. Well, I’d been a lifelong atheist (faking it with my fundamentalist Baptist parents) until a few years after I almost died in 2008. Something clicked on after my brain had healed a bit and I learned to meditate: Something out there’s looking out for me, and I have a purpose. You do too. Also, Gage must’ve owed God a favor!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so relieved you are with us and on the mend. I will continue sharing healing prayers and cheerful mojo! Let us know when you are up for dinner out, our treat!

  3. I do indeed smile, just to hear your voice as I read your words. That in itself is the gift of the day.

    As I look at my own feeders, I marvel how much those creatures give to us. Those sparrows, titmice, cardinals and jays go about their constant feeding with absolutely no idea how we humans are healed just by watching them.

    Love and affection,
    Amy et al

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