Silverado is a Western done right, playing its big skies and wide-open spaces. And introduces you to a cattle call of Arthurian legends — the hero with a lot to prove, the villain who was perfectly foil, the dance hall girl with a heart of gold, a gambler whose mother called him Slick.

Hear this movie: The spin of a six-shooter cylinder, the clip-clop-clip-clop-clip-clop of horse hooves, the barroom baroque of whiskey rails, card fans and the chirrup of a spittoon.

See this movie: One pivotal scene takes plays at the duel between the hero and the villain. High noon, Main Street. And the church, its high steeple peering from the street, keeps a watch over the hero’s back.

When this movie, which came out in 1985, comes on, I watch it.

I’ve been nominated to post photos from my 10 favorite films. It a hard task. And I’ll explain what I made those picks.

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