Silverado is a Western done right, playing its big skies and wide-open spaces. And introduces you to a cattle call of Arthurian legends — the hero with a lot to prove, the villain who was perfectly foil, the dance hall girl with a heart of gold, a gambler whose mother called him Slick.

Hear this movie: The spin of a six-shooter cylinder, the clip-clop-clip-clop-clip-clop of horse hooves, the barroom baroque of whiskey rails, card fans and the chirrup of a spittoon.

See this movie: One pivotal scene takes plays at the duel between the hero and the villain. High noon, Main Street. And the church, its high steeple peering from the street, keeps a watch over the hero’s back.

When this movie, which came out in 1985, comes on, I watch it.

I’ve been nominated to post photos from my 10 favorite films. It a hard task. And I’ll explain what I made those picks.


A friend has nominated me to name my top 10 films.

“Psycho” is my first film

Anyone who wants to learn how to make a movie, must follow this movie.

It entices you to follow the story of a pretty women, Janet Leigh, as she goes through with her scenes — the bank, the police, getting a room at the motel, for a unfortune, grisly ending. Then the movie is only about half done.

And what is going on with the Mother? The Oedipus complex … the man’s cowardice … his homonormative nature … So much to explore in thiese characters.

And you can’t avoid The Shower. The scene is one of the leading movie scenes, right along with Dorothy’s cheers of Toto from the witch’s castle, Darth Vaper declaring his paternity, and Leo DiCaprio declaring he was king of the world.

With my stroke head, some things I remember about “Psycho”:

  • The blood is Bosco chocolate syrup.
  • The Catholic Church gave the film “a morally objectional” rating.
  • Amid all the bird motif Janet Leigh’s name in the script is Marion Crane and she’s from Phoenix.

I’ve been nominated by Jane Burns to post photos from my 10 favorite films. It a hard task. And I’ll explain what I made those picks.