Linebaughs Renew Vows


Perry & Annie (Rising) Linebaugh in the 1950s.

From the Pittsburg Sun, January 1949

A scene of 50 years ago was repeated at the Perry Linebaugh home, 1002 East Fourteenth, on New Year when the Pittsburgers observed their golden wedding anniversary. The Linebaughs went through a special 50th wedding ceremony, even to the groom presenting the bride, now 70, with a new wedding ring.

The ceremony, performed by Rev. L. Wayne Sears of the Nazarene church, had several special sections in honor of the golden anniversary.

But what the veteran 77-year-old groom recalled as vividly as anything else about the preparation for the ceremony was the difference in the weather this year and when they first were married back in 1899 at Otterville, Ia.

It was one of those real Iowa winters then, and Mr. Linebaugh recalled walking five miles through 18-inch snow to obtain the marriage license at the county seat.

But when he reached the license-issuing official, he discovered the law required the consent of the bride’s parents, since she was only twenty and under age. So the prospective groom had to walk back the five miles to his sweetheart’s home, get the permission for the marriage in writing and then go back to get the license — only this time he took a team and wagon for the trip “but it was worth it.” The golden ceremony was performed in almost spring-like temperatures.

The Linebaughs held open house after the 1949 ceremony, with their three daughters, Mrs. Gladys Lemaster, Kansas City; Mrs. Goldie Hammond, Bellflower, Calif.; and Mrs. Neil Sharp, Pittsburg, present. He formerly was employed by the Kansas City Southern and the McNally-Pittsburg Manufacturing Corporation.

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