Dolphin Cruise

cruise14‘A 3-hour tour …’

Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale …

A tale of our fateful trip … that started from the tropic port … of Hanapepe … aboard a tiny catamaran-type ship.

The mates were hunky surfer dudes, the skipper glib and fun. Fifty passengers set sail that day for a 3-hour tour — around the southwest side of Kaua’i to the Na Pali Coast, the awe-inspiring cliffs that rise 4,000 feet above the shore. We also passed Ni’ihau — the “Forbidden Island” — which is privately owned.

cruise12As we set off for the far west side of the island, dozens of spinner dolphins swam ahead of the boat, catching rides on the bow waves. We also saw a whale, briefly, and sea turtles.

We passed by movie locations, secluded beaches, treacherous hiking trails and misty mountains.

One beach we passed was the location for “Six Days, Seven Nights” (Harrison Ford and Anne Heche) and “King Kong” (the captain didn’t say which one). We weren’t cast away, but it would not have been such a bad fate if we had been.

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